I’m Laia Ordonez, content and marketing manager for large ecommerce sites and retailers.

I’ve been on the advertising /AV production industry for 10+ years and worked for clients such as Mattel, Hewlett-Packard or Panasonic EU.

I have been selling and working for Amazon / eBay / CDiscount / Aliexpress sellers for 5 years now and tested dozens of tools to help us on a daily basis.

The following software is what I consider to be the best for every Amazon seller according to my experience. My swiss army knife is, mostly, Helium 10, but I also use the rest of the tools for specific purposes like product / keyword research or repricing.

What would be the criteria to analize those tools? My own thoughts, pros and cons while using them + their “Price – Quality ratio”, “Number of features”, “Ease of use” and if they’re “both for newbies and experts”