AMZScout is one of the best known scouting tools around. It offers a 20M product database (just a few products if you comapre it to Jungle Scout’s 300M) and provides you with all the necessary information to run your Amazon business, from the product database to the sales estimator or the Super URL tool


3 free tools and 7 paid tools especially tailored for Amazon Sellers.

Free tools

The free tools are:

FBA fees calculator

Under the Chrome Extension. It’s useful to calculate profits and margins for every product directly on Amazon

Stock stats

Also under the Chrome Extension. Useful to spy competitor’s stock directly on Amazon.

Sales estimator

Easily predict sales number based on Best Sellers Rank stats. Works for your products and your competitors’

Super URLs

Increase product sales by creating Super URLs from scratch. You can create links to:

  • An ASIN + a keyword directly to the ASIN product sheet
  • A brand + a keyword directly a brand page
  • A 2-step URL, ASIN + keyword: to a URL where you can just find the ASIN for a certain search
  • A 2-step URL, ASIN + keyword + brand: to a URL where you can just find the ASIN for a certain search limited to a brand
  • Canonical URLs: keywords added to the URL of your ASIN
  • Add to cart URLs: directly add your products to the user’s cart. Ideal for Amazon affiliation and as a positive ranking signal to Amazon’s A9 search algorithm
  • Buy together URL: send the users to a bundle of 2 different ASINs
  • And more

AMZScout Seller’s Bundle

The 7 paid tools are included on this bundle:

AMZScout Course

An AMZScout Seller’s Course on how to find profitable niches, listing products and create your first PPC campaigns.

This course has helped more than 100.000 sellers kickstart their Amazon businesses.

The Pro Extension

A Chrome Extension to find the best products while surfing on Amazon and find sourcing providers.

Get data in real time:

  • Sales Volume
  • Product’s best seller rank
  • Number of reviews and average rating
  • FBA fees
  • Net margin
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Pricing and pricing variations for the past 30 days
  • 30 days back Best Seller Rank variation
  • Product Score according to AMZScout
  • Listing Quality Score
  • Who has the Buy Box
  • Etc

Exclusive Amazon insights

Every month you receive 2 niches and 2 products that have a great sales scope.

Filtered and manually picked-up by AMZScout’s team.

Product tracker & Product databas

A huge database on Amazon products: +20M.

Add your products or your competitors’ to the tracker so you can track variations on:

  • The listing
  • Pricing
  • Stocks
  • Estimated sales
  • Ratings
  • Etc

Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup tools

Both tools work great to find profitable keywords and new ideas.

Get insights in real time:

  • Pricing average
  • Estimated sales average
  • Competition
  • Ratings average
  • Etc

Keyword Tracker

Both for organic and PPC keywords. Track every organic and paid change to your products keywords or your competitor’s ones.

Quick view

See a product’s sales data as if you were the seller instantly while navigating Amazon’s catalogue.

amzscout pro extension


Amazon Sellers’ Bundle – $49.87 a month or $299 a year


  • AMZScout Seller’s Course
  • Pro extension
  • Monthly Amazon insights
  • Web app product database
  • Web app product tracker
  • Web app product keyword explorer
  • Web app product reverse ASIN lookup
  • Keyword tracker
  • Quick view
  • FBA Calculator
  • Stock Stats

AMZScout review

It’s just one of many product research tools, but it has the following upsides:

  • Less expensive than Junglescout
  • Has more features
  • More than 50.000 satisfied customers
  • And includes a complete Seller’s course on how to find profitable niches

As for me, I enjoy all the features of this tool because they finalize the reports and are extremely helpful. In my opinion, they are one of the fundamental features for achieving success in your Amazon business. Each of them is user-friendly and suitable for researching and tracking processes. Just scout whatever you want and get your things completed in no time.

The only weak feature I find is that AMZScout’s product database is just 20M products large, so you can find way more products on Jungle Scout, for example.