How Much Does Shopify Cost?

Shopify is an E-commerce platform. It provides a space for online sellers to build their E-commerce store. It’s known as a business platform that gives value for money. It offers differently-priced plans, depending on the business size.

This entrepreneur only needs to pay for the Shopify services up to the level that they use. Shopify also offers free business education E-courses. There are free as well as paid themes for online stores.

Free stock photos are also offered by. Every paid scheme on Shopify has a 14-day free trial. Businesses grow from one level to another. Shopify users can switch from one plan to another as the need arises. As a business expands into different markets and sales channels, the needs change. The entrepreneur needs to decide whether to keep using certain tools or not. When a business is at a mature stage, the entrepreneur’s costs will have increased. This leads to the following question. “How much is Shopify?” Or rather, how much does it actually cost?

How Much is Shopify?

There are three main pricing tiers that Shopify offers. The basic or entry-level plan has a monthly charge of USD $29 per month. The standard plan has a charge of USD $79 per month. The advanced plan comes has a heftier monthly charge of USD $299. None of these plans is expensive, considering the level of business they support. When you check these plans, you’ll notice a few extra charges.

These are some charges for using credit cards for Shopify purchases. They differ, depending on whether these purchases are online or in person. Online charges for a transaction made through the basic plan is 2.9% of the transaction value plus 30 cents.

The same transaction made in person costs 2.7% of the value and no extra cents. Online credit card transactions through the standard plan are 2.6% plus 30 cents. An in-person transaction is 2.5% and no extra cents. The online credit card transaction through an advanced-plan seller is 2.4% plus 30 cents. An in-person transaction costs 2.4% with no extra charge.

The more advanced the plan, the less transactional charge there is to pay. Shopify offers a 10% discount on annual plans paid in advance. There’s a 20% discount on biennial plans if paid upfront.

Other Pricing Tiers – Shopify Lite and Shopify Plus

Shopify Lite is a programme by which an entrepreneur can sell products from a Facebook page. You add a ‘shop’ option to your FB page. An entrepreneur can add a Shopify button to sell through any website. They can also use Messenger Chat for online sales. They can use Shopify POS software to sell online or in person. The plan costs USD $9 per month. This is a lightweight plan for online sellers who have a website of their own. But Shopify Plus is the top Shopify plan. It’s for E-commerce merchants managing sales of more than USD $60,000 per month. Pricing starts at USD $2,000 per month. That allows you to create up to 9 stores and you can create stores in different countries and languages. If a customer does more than USD $8000,000 in sales per month, Shopify Plus charges an extra 0.25 per cent.  This is Shopify’s plan to compete with the larger E-commerce service providers.

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Shops

Shopify sellers can add sales functionality to their Facebook page and Messenger app. A 14-day free trial is available. It’s not easy to get pricing information unless one is making a serious business enquiry. But it appears to be on a par with Shopify Lite. Starting at USD $9 per month with extra charges for credit card transactions. There may be a similar pricing policy with an Instagram Shopify store. This is Shopify sales functionality added to an Instagram page.

Shopify on Amazon and eBay

An online seller can manage accounts from many sales channels at one place. Adding an Amazon sales channel on Shopify is free, whatever Shopify plan the seller uses. But Amazon will charge USD $39.99 per month for the Amazon Professional Sellers account. Synchronising Shopify with eBay comes under a different pricing system. There are four annual plans. The price ranges from free for less than 10 orders per month to USD $69 per month for 5000 orders per month.

Shopify POS Systems

Shopify’s POS (Point of Sale) systems give the seller the ability to sell online or in person. It used to cost USD $49. At present, Shopify includes POS in the standard and advanced Shopify plans. You can buy the hardware for the system separately, should you need it. You’ll need the hardware for in-person sales. It’s necessary if the user has a physical shop or sells in pop-up stores.