How can I monitor & protect my ASINs?

Being hit by a suspension when selling on Amazon can be one of the most damaging and daunting events to hit your online business.

You might be unsure of exactly why you’ve been taken offline or unfamiliar with Amazon’s extensive terms and conditions, particularly if you are new to selling on the site. And even their warning systems can catch experienced Amazon Sellers off guard at times.

And while there are measures you can take to reinstate yourself after the event, avoiding the issue in the first place puts you one step ahead of dealing with a difficult situation that could impact significantly on your finances.

Thompson and Holt is the only Amazon Seller company that provides a service protecting businesses against potential suspensions before they happen. Now trusted by over 1,000 successful Amazon Sellers, its Monitor and Protect software alerts companies to a whole host of possible problems before they develop into serious issues.

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Thompson and Holt managing partner Craig Gedey has considerable past experience as an Amazon Seller himself, and now sees first hand how the software can help those operating on the site.

Gedey explained:

The sophisticated software monitors your account constantly and pick up any trends that could lead to a possible suspension before alerting you immediately. It might be that your company sells over 1,000 different products on Amazon, making it extremely difficult to monitor everything yourself alongside running your business.

It may be that just one of those products has attracted 10 complaints in the space of a few days – our software will immediately pick up on that and alert you with the problem in question. If you have a product that isn’t correctly matching the image you’re using on Amazon, our software will let you know.

We are also able to send notifications to five different individuals connected to your company if desired, further enabling you to stay on top of any potentially worrying activity in your account. It’s keeping you one step ahead of a possible suspension at all times – and in the fast-moving world of Amazon, that can be invaluable.

The Monitor and Protect software has several key features to assist in the running of an Amazon business.


Instant alerts about issues

That would cause a suspension or harm your sales. If your account is experiencing potentially problematic issues, you will immediately be notified about what needs rectifying. Reacting quickly to these matters as they arise can be crucial in keeping your business online and operating fully, and prevents situations worsening.

Available in all countries on all marketplaces

Amazon continues to grow rapidly across the world, particularly during times of lockdown when online marketplaces have seized on opportunities created by people staying at home. The Monitor and Protect software is available in every one of them, meaning that wherever your Amazon business is operating, it can be protected against the threat of suspension.

Automatically monitoring 100% of your ASINs

Some Amazon businesses can be listing literally thousands of different products online. That isn’t a problem for the Monitor and Protect software, which can keep track of activity on every single one of them, giving you considerable peace of mind.

24/7 Instant Alerts

Even when you’re sleeping, the Monitor and Protect software won’t be. Because of the worldwide nature of Amazon, it’s impossible to keep track of where you might be attracting sales from around the world and at what time. But our software offers protection 24 hours a day seven days a week – meaning you’ll be alerted to any issues whatever time it is where you are.

Listing and Buy Box monitoring

There are so many aspects to selling on Amazon that it can be overwhelming trying to keep on top of everything at the same time as carrying out the logistical tasks that every business requires. The Monitor and Protect software can alert on issues surrounding the Buybox, product reviews, images and price changes, freeing up valuable time to focus on other areas of your business.

Hijacker notifications and product suppression alerts

Accounts being hijacked and products being suppressed by Amazon are both increasingly common issues on the site. Thompson and Holt’s protection software can guard against these and avoid potential suspensions.

Instant email notifications for up to five users

Our systems allow you to receive email notifications for up to five people connected to your business. That way if you’re not in a position to react to a potential product issue immediately, somebody that you trust might be able to, strengthening your position.

Cease and desist emails issued

If your copyright, trademark or patent is being threatened by a rival Amazon Seller, we can issue cease and desist emails to protect your intellectual property ownership. When someone uses your protected work without your consent, they are in breach of your intellectual property rights. This breach, called an infringement, may be stopped by sending a cease and desist letter, which will clearly state what action constitutes the infringement.

Start your one month free trial now

Thompson and Holt are offering a free month’s trial of their Monitor and Protect service to help sellers prevent a suspension of ASINs or an their account during the COVID pandemic. No payment details are needed, and your account will be fully protected for £200 a month after the initial period. More information on how to protect your Amazon seller account from a suspension can be found here.

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