How to Sell on Shopify

People know Shopify Inc is a Canada-based E-commerce multi-national company. It owns the Shopify E-commerce platform.  On this platform,  sellers of many types of goods can open an online store.

This enables them to sell their products and services on the Internet. Shopify doesn’t only offer a platform on which to build a virtual shop. It offers award-winning customer support.

It also offers tools to help sellers to build their business, in matters such as payment and marketing. Shopify’s POS (Point of Sale) systems offer sellers the capacity to sell from anywhere. Yet there’s one question we need to ask ourselves. Do we need to know how to sell on Shopify, or is the platform easy to use? Is the support they offer enough to help us along?

Let’s check out the various aspects of the platform regarding newbie sellers. It’s true that if we want to know how to sell on Shopify, we should know how Shopify works. First, go online and find out everything you can about the company. In fact, it isn’t difficult to find such information.. The platform has an informative website. There’s a free ‘Shopify Academy’. It gives various e-courses on different aspects of online business.

How Shopify Works


People know Shopify as an E-commerce platform. It’s actually a complete commerce platform. Shopify POS (Point of Sale) payment systems gives sellers the ability to sell from a physical shop. They can also sell from pop-up shops and of course from their online store.

These online stores are both cloud-based and hosted. So the store-owner doesn’t have responsibility for servers or software maintenance. Besides training courses and customer support, sellers have access to community support. The platform, of course, also sells tools to help with various aspects of the business.

Whether it’s payments or marketing, they’ve got you covered. You don’t have to be a computer engineer to have an online shop. You can design your online store with pre-prepared themes. The entry-level plan in Shopify is very affordable at USD $29 per month. So you don’t need to have a lot of money to get your online store started

How to Use Shopify

You wish to set up an online store.  Or add online shopping to your already-established retail business. You can use Shopify. You will get a ready-to-use platform to set up your online shop. You will have access to various levels of pricing to suit where you are in your business.

You will also have access, if you wish, to some useful tools and resources. You can use these to grow your business, once you’re established online.

With Shopify, it’s possible to use your own URL, if you already have one. Otherwise, you may buy one through the Shopify platform or through another provider. The Shopify POS system brings offline and online sales together in a common platform. Suppose, instead of a physical shop, you operate an occasional pop-up shop of your wares? The company’s POS payment system is ideal for your use.

How to set up a Shopify Store

The first step in setting up your online store on the platform is to visit the platform’s website. Gather as much information as you can. If you decide to try the platform, start with the free 14-day trial. If you have any trouble getting started, the help centre will guide you.

Avail of this support. Check the app store to add to the functionality of your online shop, should you need to do so. Many resources will be available to you, including the Shopify community. Take some time to study the easy-to-learn courses in the Shopify Academy.

Ask questions in the forum. Learn as you go. The more serious you are about your online shop project, the more likely you are to be successful.

How to Build a Shopify Store

Now that you’ve set up your online store, one question remains. How to learn how to build a Shopify store. It’s not something that we can do without some help.  We’re talking about building up a business here. This is where you’ll find the  Shopify users forum to be invaluable.

The general opinion about this platform is that it’s good.  While it’s not perfect in every way, it is definitely a cost-effective way to start a business. For an affordable price, it’s possible to set up a full store online and have everything ready to go in less than one week. You don’t need technical expertise to build your store. Everything is readymade and all you have to do is use ‘drag and drop’. As for marketing, you can check out the tools and apps available on the platform. The Academy is full of relevant E-courses.

You can get answers on the forum. You’ll be up and running in no time.