Amazon is a perfect platform, whether you want to expand your sales and resells or create a brand new online store for your own product. Yet with over 2.4 million sellers who already know how to promote themselves on Amazon, there’s one thing they might not be leveraging – Sellerly*.

Sellerly is a Semrush-powered toolkit that features multiple cutting-edge tools built for growth-driven Amazon sellers. From unlimited listing audits to split testing and traffic boost suggestions, Sellerly is the ultimate spot for Amazon merchants who want to amp up their performance and accelerate sales on the platform.

*Sellerly is so far suitable for Amazon’s US marketplace-only, aka Amazon sellers running their business on

With four powerful tools within its toolkit, Sellerly helps Amazon sellers to optimize and manage their listing performance while discovering sales growth points.

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Below, you will find a detailed description of the four tools designed to give you a visibility boost, expand your audience, and enhance conversions.

Listing Protection Tool

Sellerly’s Listing Protection is an automated monitoring system that allows Amazon sellers to monitor Amazon listings’ visibility and rankings, keep an eye on price, title, description and Buy Box ownership changes while alerting them about any listing hijacking and suppression issues.

  • One way to go about this tool is to track your own listings – the tool will send a notification once there is a shift in keyword positions, prices, and buy boxes. You will also be immediately notified about any listing suppression alerts (of course, if you entered your Amazon MWS token and connected your Amazon seller account).
  • Another use of this tool is to run a scouting campaign, keeping watch on any changes in competitors’ pricing and Buy Box ownership.

The tool setup is as intuitive as it gets: 

  1. Add a listing by entering the product page’s URL or ASIN.
  2. Then, make sure to add keywords you want to keep track of (to see if your listing appears on Amazon search results for the keywords you target) and the seller’s name (can be your own or competitors’ depending on whether you want to timely spot if someone outbid you on Buy Box, or check if you are meeting the market pricing).
  3. Customize your notifications by choosing between receiving alerts via email or SMS.

sellerly screenshot

Traffic Insights Tool

Sellerly’s Traffic Insights tool is designed to help you discover the most efficient external (non-Amazon) traffic sources that can bring maximum traffic influx to your Amazon listing.

For boosting your product reach, simply find out the top Amazon listings you are competing against (just run a quick Amazon search for your target keywords), and the tool will automatically assess which external traffic channels can bring the highest potential impact for your customer acquisition strategy.

Here’s the tool setup process:

Add up to 3 listings: all you need here are the ASIN codes of the competing listings. Bonus: you can add any listings without being their owner – Traffic insights can dig into each listing’s traffic-building strategy on its own.

Explore competitive intel from 4 extensive reports:

The Overview report

Gives a helicopter view of the listings’ reach, aka the estimated number of users that can be acquired through external channels. Make sure to pay attention to Sellerly’s custom-built metrics:

  • Total Reach Trend (reflects the maximum audience potential)
  • Reach by Channel (estimated potential reach of each analyzed Amazon listing’s traffic source (organic search, referrals, PLA, and display ads)
  • The Google Organic report reveals Google’s traffic trends for the analyzed product and shows a list of keywords that bring the product to the top of Google’s SERP. Metrics to keep an eye on: Reach: an estimate of the number of potential customers that Googled the listed keyword;
  • Traffic: the potential number of organic traffic the analyzed product received by ranking for a listed keyword;
  • Position: the position of a listed keyword within organic search results;
  • Competition: the total number of Amazon products appearing within Google’s top 100 search results for a listed keyword.
  • Google geo and device types.

Referrals Report

Estimates the traffic potential from links coming from external sites. Based on competitors’ products, the tool will identify which websites potentially bring the highest traffic counts to competing offers. You can use these stats to discover new opportunities for link-building and marketing partnerships.

PLA and Display Ads Reports

Reflects changes in the number of keywords that trigger a PLA ad for the selected product to show up in Google’s SERP and shows changes in the number of sites publishing display ads related to the analyzed item.

So, essentially, Sellerly’s Traffic Insights tool helps Amazon sellers prioritize their marketing resources and budgets and make sure they are investing only in high-impact external traffic channels.

Split Testing Tool 

sellerly split test

Sellerly’s Split Testing is an easy-to-use tool that helps Amazon sellers finetune their listings and run split tests to optimize page parameters – title, description, photos, and pricing – for maximizing page performance and sales.

You’d never imagine that a spit test setup can be such a breeze: 

  1. Сonnect your Amazon account: all you need to have at hand is your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token (located in your Amazon MWS dashboard).
  2. Make listing tweaks – one at a time – and run your split test for at least 7 days to get accurate results and performance (sales) benchmarks.
  3. Analyze your experiment’s analytical data in real-time and make data-driven choices.


The Split Testing tool comes with no test limits, so you can keep experimenting with your listing parameters to craft the perfect listing that drives conversions and, ultimately, sales.

Listing Quality Check 

Sellerly’s Listing Quality Check is a comprehensive Amazon listing audit tool that makes sure your listings perfectly meet Amazon requirements and style guides. Furthermore, based on expert-shared wisdom and best industry practices, the tool also provides data-driven ideas for boosting your listing’s visibility and conversions.

As usual, the setup is as easy as it gets:

  1. Add a listing by simply pasting in your ASIN or URL.
  2. Deep-dive into the report and make all the necessary tweaks to your Amazon listing. For the ultimate listing optimization, go through the list of failed checks from each of the following tabs:

Listing Quality Score

Assesses the overall quality of your listing based on the number of failed and successful checks.

Amazon Requirements tab

Showcases whether your listing meets Amazon requirements to make sure you can prevent potential listing suppression.

Amazon Style Guides tab

Provides additional optimization recommendations based on Amazon Style Guide.

Best practices tab

Offers extra advice for enhancing your listing – all the ideas come from thorough Seller-initiated and expert-driven Amazon best practices research.

You can also use the “All checks” tab to get a full listing audit in a single list of issues.

Once you are done with your listing improvements, re-run the listing audit to make sure you haven’t missed any crucial errors.

Once again, the Listing Quality Check tool comes with no limits for the number of listings you can audit.

Sellerly Pricing

The Split Testing tool is FREE for all users.

To get access to all the four tools (Listing Protection, Traffic Insights, and Listing Quality Check) within the Sellerly platform, you can purchase the full Sellerly package at only $50 a month. 

You can also give Sellerly a try with a 7-day FREE trial (credit card on file is required).

Sellerly Review

Sellerly is a very impressive solution for Amazon sellers aiming at larger sales and better listing performance.

In a nutshell, the key Sellerly perks can be summarized with the four C’s:


While not the cheapest toolkit in town, Sellerly offers the value of four tools that cover various aspects of Amazon seller’s growth at a cost of a single tool.


With its very easy-to-use interface, Sellerly tools are very intuitive which really facilitates the challenging growth aspect of your job.


Split testing allows you to create the “perfect” listing for driving your Amazon sales; Traffic Insights provides insights into the key traffic channels to place your bet on when thinking of audience growth outside of the Amazon framework; Listing Protection is keeping you posted on any changes within your or competing Amazon listings; Listing Quality Check ensures a suspension-free listing that’s powered by the most efficient content.


Sellerly offers incredible customer support across all possible channels – from social media and email to phone and extensive learning hubs (FAQ, blog, webinars, product demos, and even a dedicated Semrush Academy training course), the Sellerly team is always ready to answer all your questions and educating its customers about the toolkit’s products and the Amazon selling space and trends.

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