Shopify Features

Almost everybody knows that Shopify is an E-commerce platform. A platform where online sellers can create their own online store. They use this to sell goods and services through the Internet. As the legend goes, Shopify came about when its founder, Tobias Lütke, ran into some difficulty.

This happened when he was trying to sell snowboards online. Lütke came to realise that there was room in the online space for an online platform. This online platform would be one which E-sellers could build their online stores.

Lots of people have great ideas for business, but they don’t have coding or programming skills.  Lütke was a computer programmer by profession. He set about creating the software for the platform he envisaged.

That’s how Shopify started. It’s now thriving and there are many more E-commerce platforms. An online entrepreneur, starting out, has a choice of platforms now. Today, anyone can build an online shop and there is a choice of platforms. But did you know that Shopify can offer tools and features to help you grow your business? Let’s examine the features of this famous E-commerce platform.

Free Tools to Start and Grow your Business

A seller opens a Shopify online store. They immediately get access to some useful free tools to help grow the new business. This is a great asset for first-time sellers as it helps them to get their business up and running. At the outset, Shopify asks the client if they’d rather start a business from scratch.

They may prefer to buy an already-established online store. Sometimes, after setting up a store, an online seller needs to sell off their business. Or they start up a business and then sell it off for a profit. Who knows? But if an entrepreneur has the means to buy an already established business, this is an option. The new entrepreneur might prefer to start from the beginning. There are facilities to help start that business.

The first step is to build the brand. There’s software that creates a suitable business name. There’s also software to create an appropriate logo. For online selling, these are essential. They are necessary to build a brand which is recognisable. The online world is full of images and for a business, building a brand and an image is necessary. To build an online presence, there’s a software to find the perfect domain name. For creating awareness, there is help with social media campaigns. There are sources of free stock photos to complement the online business.

To build a business, there’s a partner company that can help a new company to stock their shop and ship the goods.  There are also themes which the entrepreneur can browse, both free and paid, for the new online store. Shopify offers POS (Point of Sale) hardware and software.  This allows the entrepreneur to sell from anywhere. Studying these facilities, we can see something. That Shopify gives great support to new entrepreneurs who set up under its umbrella.

Tools to Help with Sales

Once your shop is up and running, Shopify doesn’t leave you to sink or swim. It’s possible to run the business from a single place. The new entrepreneur can sell and promote on various sales channels.  Yet Shopify will keep track of inventory and orders.

This is a tremendous support. Through Shopify, the user can sell their goods on social media using paid tools. Instagram, Facebook Shop or Facebook Messenger are the channels. These tools offer free trials. This enables sellers to befriend their target audience or client base.

This makes Selling painless.  Sellers also have the chance to avail of selling on Amazon and eBay. These are huge markets.  There are free trials for these facilities. The customer can try them out and see if they suit. Fourteen days is enough time to see if the market works for the new online store.

Shopify Academy, Blog and Podcasts

Shopify encourages its customers to keep learning as they grow in their business. The Shopify Academy has a library of free E-commerce courses.  These offer free business education. Entrepreneurs can learn about such topics as email marketing, SEO and goal setting. The Shopify Blog and Podcasts are also sources of valuable information.

Pricing Tiers

The Shopify Basic plan is fine for starting off. It’s an affordable USD$29 per month and there are very few sellers who would be unable to afford this amount. For a growing business, it’s USD $79 per month.

When the volume of business grows very high, it’s time to equip the business with some advanced features. The advanced plan is USD $299 per month. All plans come with 24-hour support, which is one of the most valuable features of all the three plans. Each plan is equally significant.

The entrepreneur needs to choose the one that suits the size of the business and change as the size of the business changes.