What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

If you have ever looked in the product description section of your Amazon selling account, you can find a BSR number attached to your item. The BSR, or Best Sellers Rank, is a number generated by Amazon to rate how this particular product sells compared to others within the same type or category.

The good news is, you only have to have one sale for a BSR to be assigned to your product. The bad news is, this does not automatically indicate that you have a best-selling product on this platform.

Understanding what the BSR is, how it works, and how it can help you increase your sales is very important. Having a general understanding of this rank can help you improve sales, fine-tune your listings, and manage your stock.

What is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

The Best Sellers Rank is a fluctuating number that is assigned to a product when a sale has been made. Products with high numbers have low sales. Products with low numbers have higher sales. So if you have a product that is selling fast, it may have a rank of 5, while another product that has not sold in a month has a rank of 1,500.

But wait – there’s more.

The BSR fluctuates hourly. So, if it was ranked as a 60 an hour ago and now you have had a sale, the rank may move up to 50. On the flip side, if an hour passes without a sale, it may drop to 65.

A product may be ranked differently if it is listed in multiple categories. It may rank high under one category, such as home appliances, and low if it is also listed under pet supplies.

The BSR may also change based on which site you are looking at for your information. The US site may have it ranked as one number, but Amazon.com.eu may have it at a different number.

With so many differences, how is it possible to use this information for anything? It is a little difficult, but it is a great metric for gauging sales on Amazon and how you can improve your sales in different areas.

How is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank Calculated?

As you can assume, Amazon keeps its metrics for determining BSR a closely guarded secret. However, they have provided a little information on how they will gauge the ranking.

  • Current sales of your product
  • Historical sales of your product
  • Sales, promotions, and price changes
  • Similar or competitive products in the same category

Amazon will look at the historical sales and performance of your product on an HOURLY basis. This is why the number changes so often.
What is a Good Amazon BSR?

It is tough to determine a “good” number for a BSR because there are so many fluctuations. A good ranking in one category for your product could be significantly different than what would be a good ranking in another category.

Since “good” rankings can range so much, and the number of products being sold on Amazon is so high, the baseline number that you should look for is around 2,000 – 2,500 for your rankings. Anything above these numbers should indicate that you have a good selling product,

What’s the Difference Between Organic Rank and Amazon Best Sellers Rank

There is a significant difference between organic ranking and best sellers ranking. Organic ranking has to do with search terms or keywords used to find your product on the Amazon site. Organic rank is significantly more important than your best sellers rank because it is how people find your product.

It is important to focus on your organic search because Amazon will move your product higher in their listings if it is being searched for more often with the keywords you have listed. Much like website SEO, having good keywords on your product page is the key to success on your Amazon product pages.

BSR ranking is more to gauge the frequency a product is purchased. Organic search is more about the popularity of a product.

Some ways Sellers Can Use Amazon Best Sellers Rank Information.

There are a few great things that you can use the Amazon BSR for when you are selling on the site.

  1. This is a great research tool. If you are looking for products to sell on Amazon, you will want ones that are going to be in demand with consumers. So, you can look in the categories you are interested in and see what products have the best rankings. Remember, you want products with a BSR of 2,000 or better.
  2. The BSR is a great way to gauge your sales. After studying the data for a while, you can look at the BSR number and know what your sales will be like for that day or that month.
  3. You can check your competitors. Part of getting good sales on Amazon is knowing what your competitors offer. If you check the BSR of your competitors and see that they have a better ranking, you can check your personal pages to see if it is not ranking well in organic search, if your pricing is off, or if they are running a promotion.

Of course, since these numbers fluctuate so much, it is important not to take the information as “written in stone.” Use the information as a guideline for improving your product pages and pricing.

How Can I Improve My Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Improving your Best Sellers Rank can only be accomplished one way – make more sales. So, if you are ready to improve your ranking, you will need to start generating more sales on the site.

While this may seem easier said than done, there are things you can do to make sure that your product pages are getting enough attention to generate sales.

  1. Optimize your product page title. Make sure that you have the right keywords as part of your title so that your page is found in organic search.
  2. Amazon loves bullet points – so make sure that your product page offers them. People will scan pages for information about a product before making a purchase. If they see bullet points, they will stop and read them. Once they have made an effort to be more informed about the product, they are more inclined to make the purchase.
  3. Make sure your pricing is competitive. Prices should be reviewed often to ensure that they remain competitive.
  4. Make sure that your page has good photos. Add video clips if you can to the bottom product description. You want the visitor to your page to feel as comfortable as possible about using your product.
  5. Consider using Amazon fulfillment. Amazon boosts people to the front of search that uses their fulfillment services. This is because it will allow Prime members to use their membership to get free shipping. If at all possible, make sure your products are Prime eligible.
  6. Check your spelling. It sounds silly to bring up, but one sure way to lose a customer is to have a lot of typos in the description. People will see this as unprofessional and will move on to the next product.

How can I Track Amazon Best Sellers Ranks?

If you are selling multiple products on Amazon, it may seem like a lot of work to monitor all of the BSRs for your products. The great news is that several programs out there will track this information for you to monitor all of your products successfully.

Some of the products you may wish to consider include:

Using these helpful tools will allow you to gauge these metrics more accurately and allow you to use this information to improve your overall Amazon sales.