What is Shopify?

Shopify, as most people understand it, is a leading E-commerce platform. It allows any individual wishing to become an online seller to set up and run an online store. From their online store, the online seller can showcase and sell all types of goods. Shopify Inc, a Canada-based E-Commerce multi-national company, owns the platform.

This company is also the power behind the Shopify POS (Points of Sale) system.  This system allows sellers to sell items from any place at all. Even from their garage.

What does Shopify do?

Shopify provides a platform and support services for E-commerce businesses of all sizes. Support services include shipping, marketing and payment tools. Users can buy various apps on the Shopify website to help with their business.

These tools make E-commerce possible for thousands of small retailers around the world. The POS system is a versatile tool.  It brings a seller’s online and offline sales activities together. It’s available as software that works well for the iPad or the iPhone. POS hardware is also available to the seller if it suits them better. Whichever POS system a seller uses, the company is with them at every step.

How? The company offers award-winning support which is available to the customer 24/7.  The great thing about this platform is that you don’t have to have a large business to set up a store on it. Even if your business has one person working for it, you can set up an online store.

About Shopify Inc

This company has been operating since 2007. It’s been a major force in the E-Commerce industry ever since. Shopify began its life as an online seller of snowboards. Back then, the company’s name was Snowdevil. It didn’t only sell snowboards, it sold all types of snowboarding equipment. The idea for an E-commerce platform and support system evolved in a gradual way.

The three Snowdevil founders were  Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake.  They faced a lot of difficulties in launching their online store. Seeing the problems they faced, Tobias Lütke saw a need for a platform to support small, online business. When Snowdevil was trying to set up, there was no easy-to-use platform available.  Sellers who wanted to set up online stores had no support.

Without such a platform, many people’s wish to set up their own online store had to remain a distant dream. The Internet had made so many opportunities available to people.

Yet it couldn’t help small entrepreneurs to set up in business online. This deficiency in the online space touched Tobias Lütke on a very deep level. He was a qualified computer programmer.  So he decided to create a software that would set up an E-commerce platform.

This would support businesses of any size, especially small businesses.  His initial efforts produced software which he could use to power his own business. As the platform evolved, Tobias Lütke realised that he had created something very special. It was a tool which could empower small and medium-sized businesses. It would enable them to reach out to the world through the Internet and become entrepreneurs.

They launched Shopify in June 2006. The company has been growing ever since. It only took two years to start making a profit. Now, sixteen years later, it’s a worldwide platform.

Where is Shopify based?

Shopify‘s headquarters is in Ottawa, a city in Ontario, Canada.  In 2019 Shopify claimed to have 1,000,000 stories in 175 countries. It began as a local enterprise in Ottawa. It has now become a world-famous, international company.

The business started out as a few friends working together.  It’s now a company with over 2,000 employees and offices in five different locations. For millions of people around the world, it’s a local brand name. That’s a huge achievement and it has changed people’s lives forever.

Because it powers small businesses and sole traders, it has empowered people worldwide. Many of these are people who wouldn’t have otherwise have done, to become E-commerce merchants.  It has enabled them to find an independent livelihood of their own.

What is a Shopify Store?

Shopify online stores sell a wide range of goods and services online. You can sell handmade goods like jewellery, ceramics and pickles. You can sell digital goods like audio downloads, e-Books, e-Courses and knitting patterns.

If you’re a consultant or a coach, you can sell your services online and give consultations, online or in person. You can also sell and give classes and tuitions online. If you run a membership site, you might sell subscriptions to exclusive content. Shopify is a good platform to sell those tickets. You can even use the platform if you rent out items like wedding dresses and jewellery.

It’s not surprising that this company is one of the biggest names in E-commerce. It’s taken less than two decades to establish a worldwide presence.