What to Sell on Shopify

Discovering products to sell on Shopify is a skill that you can develop. It’s possible to develop this skill with some practice.

You could start by reading up on the subject and discovering the market. In time and with practice, the seller will develop and eye and an ear for the right products. There’s an important piece of advice you need to follow when building your brand. You mustn’t try to cater to a large audience.

Narrow it down to a niche audience that you can target. Find products to please that audience and you’ll be on to a winner. Ask yourself what your own areas of interest are. Do you practice yoga? So why not sell yoga mats and clothing? If other entrepreneurs have already filled the market with such products, forget it. Check websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Google trends.

That will give you an idea about what products are popular and trending. Keep your eyes open and keep an ear out for what people talk about on what’s fashionable. You’ll soon get a ‘feel’ for what’s hot and what’s not.

Identify a Need

Suppose you’re a pet owner. You’d love to buy nice products for your pet, but there’s no good shop selling pet products in your area. If you want to buy your dog a winter coat or some special food or toys, you have to drive to some distant location.

So you might consider starting an online store selling pet products.  Then you look for some good suppliers. If you find suppliers who can make these products available to you, you can consider this niche. Or are you an avid cyclist? You may find it very useful to be able to buy the various products you’ll need in an online store. You might notice a big increase in people taking up cycling. They may consider it as a mode of transport or even as a sport.

If so, you can consider setting up this type of shop. If you’re a member of the cyclist community you can reach out to other cyclists. You can do this both online and offline. You can get a feeling for what products are cyclists need.

Identify a Problem

Many young women dream of opening a boutique of some sort. But clothing businesses often fail. That might be because of overcrowding in this retail segment. But you might notice that girls

in the Millenial age group having a problem finding nice hair accessories. For everyday wear as well as for special occasions like weddings? You have to talk to people in the age group to discover if this is a problem or not. If the girls and young women you speak to would love to have an online store for hair accessories, this could be your opportunity. You need to find out where you can get a good supply of these goods, though. But if the need is there and if you can secure the supply, you could consider starting up an outlet.

Identify a Trend

Suppose you’re looking around and you notice something? What if you noticed that a popular trend in cloth handbags seems to be taking off? If you find a good supplier of this type of handbag, that would be a great idea for an online business. The important thing is to keep an eye on the market and look out for what is constant in the changing world of fashion.

Where to Look for Ideas

Sometimes a fashion starts because people saw something in a movie and thought it was cool.

Do you remember that about a decade back, men’s hair accessories were very fashionable? Hairbands for example. It seemed so unlikely, but it took off. It didn’t last very long, but it was fun while it lasted. A good place to catch news of upcoming trends is in the lifestyle pages of your local or national newspaper.

Don’t forget magazines either, both print and online. There are also online publications about current trends. Trend Hunter and Trend Watching are two online publications that report on the topic. Another great place to discover trending products is social media.  As mentioned already, Instagram and Pinterest are good places to look out for. Reddit is another interesting site. that can yield up amazing information if you’re prepared to dig a little deeper. Even forum-type sites like Quora can be a useful place to find out this type of information.

Keep Looking

The secret to finding great products to sell online is to keep your eyes and ears open. Once you’ve trained your mind to do this, you’ll become an expert before you know it. It won’t take long once you put your mind to it.